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Sorry for the long, long delay

I haven't posted here in a long time as I didn't think anyone was watching. I have noticed that people have added the group so I will now. The show on Friday was amazing. Thanks to all that came. We couldn't have hoped for it to have come off better.

Just so everyone knows you all can post in here as well. Trying to make this a community not just an information promotion board. Talk about how sext The Cignal are or who loves Max's hair. Whatever.

I will post the last band e-mail below:

October 31st at the Paradise Lounge; Boston, MA
An In-Costume Halloween Party at The Pill (
with The Information as the Cure ( | The Cignal as the Happy Mondays (

Hello. Welcome to yet another TIL email, the purpose of which is to not only remind you of our big Halloween show (tomorrow night, October 31st), but also to shed some light on long-standing questions about our full-length, the release plans, etc.

Most of you already know that The Information and The Cignal ( will be playing the Pill (at the Paradise Lounge) tomorrow night, and most of you already know that we will be performing as The Cure and The Happy Mondays, respectively. We're not writing to remind you of these facts. No, instead, we're writing to remind you that while you have many, many options tomorrow night, none shall prove as satisfying as this. Sure, the Strokes have a new album (P.S. - It should have been entitled "Yes") and an attendant tour in support of said new album, but do you really want to waste your Halloween in an "arena?" We're offering you intimacy, costumes, prizes, fog machines, a single-person handicap bathroom with a working lock, some amazing live music, some amazing britpop a la DJs Ken and Carl, a raffle, and of course, slutty devils and nurses (we hope). Oh, and Max in lipstick. And Dan Cignal in a fat suit.

Yes, there will be prizes for best costume, as well as a plethora of sub categories. Of note are such awards as Best Slutty Nurse, Best Slutty Devil, Best Obscure Rock Star, Most Naked Man, etc. Prizes will include tickets to see Adam Franklin (Swervedriver -- at The Plan (, bar vouchers, gift certificates to Newbury Comics, DVDs, CDs, and maybe a few Cignal and Information t-shirts/CDs. If your costume sucks, don't worry ... there will also be a raffle. Hell, we may even have you bob for apples; it's a "Halloween Extravaganza" after all.

So, once again: Tomorrow, October 31st, The Paradise Lounge (the Pill --

All right, let's move along ...

The Information will be spending the majority of November and December recording our full-length. It is too early to release details of the release, but we're aiming for February. To that end, tomorrow night's show will be one of only a handful we have scheduled between now and then. Please see the bottom of this email for more information about our November and December live appearances.

Before we go, we should once again mention The Information-studded Pill compilation. It has been sequenced and is primed for mastering. The artwork is quite cool and, we're proud to say, is being completed by our very own Brad Kayal (also known as "the newest art director at Arnold Worldwide" ... somebody buy this kid a beer). The compilation includes tracks from yours truly, The Good North (, Mittens, the Bon Savants (, The Cignal (, and others. Although we've not yet heard it for ourselves, we get this funny feeling in our stomach whenever we think about it. Our prediction is that it will have a permanent home in your CD rotation for some time to come; be on the look out for further announcements.

Upcoming shows:

November 14th at Knitting Factory; New York, NY
with Adam Franklin (Swervedriver) ( | the Roy Owens Jr. (

November 15th at The Plan ; Allston, MA
with Adam Franklin (Swervedriver) ( | the Roy Owens Jr. (

December 11th at Bill's Bar; Boston, MA
The Faithfull's CD Release + Pilot to Gunner
with Pilot to Gunner ( | The Model Sons ( | The Faithfull (
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