New Noise (slowerts) wrote in the_information,
New Noise

"Wicked" Review of Saturday's show

Saturday night brought the show we've all been talking about to The Plan: Adam Franklin of Swervedriver and The Information. The show got good press locally and the room was packed. I missed the opener but got there in time to say my hellos and grab a drink before The Information went on. They had played The Knitting Factory in NYC the night before, so honestly, I expected them to be a little, well, hungover. They may have been (probably were), but it didn't show in the performance. Michael Marotta and I were talking about how we've seen The Information almost a dozen times now, and the songs don't get old in the least. In fact, I love watching the 6 of them get stronger each show. (The other) Ashley and Max were a trip too, being all playful in between songs. They debuted a new song, "Field Studies," which just blew me away. It's layered and heavy and lush and rich and really powerful. More please. Now. I had high expectation for Adam Franklin. Mistake #1: having high expectations. It wasn't that he was bad ... he wasn't. Just nothing about his set wowed me. It was "nice," like something you'd play in the background while you studied or wrote e-mail or something. And sometimes, you just aren't in the mood to listen to nice music. I'll reserve the right to revisit his music if I'm feeling nice.

Thanks Ashley!
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